Sewing Lessons!

Milani and Lily’s Sewing Class

Milani and Lily are doing great learning to sew in Megan’s Sewing Box so far! Practice! Practice! Practice! And a little play, too. Pin magnets are just plain fun. (I wish you could’ve seen their excitement!) Much more excitement to come as they take on their first projects! Stay tuned! Interested in Sewing Lessons? Contact… Continue reading Milani and Lily’s Sewing Class

Sewing Lessons!

Sewing Reunion Dance Party!

Makena and Alexis are back in Megan’s Sewing Box today! This day last year they were finishing up their Spring Break Sewing Camp Projects-how’s that for timing? We had our reunion hugs, lots of sewing, laughing, and totally random dance parties.   Oh and Sewing Selfies, can’t forget those. A normal day in Megan’s Sewing… Continue reading Sewing Reunion Dance Party!

Sewing Lessons!

L & L’s Fancy Sewing Club

I thought I would share with you one of the things that Lauren and Lacey would always say in Sewing Class that leads to lots of laughs… And that’s when they would refer to themselves as the “Fancy Sewing Club.” Just recently they tacked on L & L’s to make it even more official. In… Continue reading L & L’s Fancy Sewing Club

Sewing Lessons!


Cecilia, Lily, April, and Bella earned their first Sewing Certificate today! They sewed these beautiful hair accessories themselves. (Plenty more to come!) Look out world, there are some new profashionals coming your way. These fashionistas couldn’t decide where they would show off their headbands first. Right here is a good start! Congrats girls, you did an amazing job!

Sewing Lessons!

First Stitches!

April, Lily, Bella, and Cecilia were all so anxious today to start their first project! First we reviewed and practiced everything from last week-very good memories here! (Which is great because you learn something new every time you sit down to sew!) I heard the Mom’s got their own personal sewing lessons shortly after our… Continue reading First Stitches!

Sewing Lessons!

Aspiring Fashionistas

We had so much fun here in Megan’s Sewing Box today! April, Bella, Cecilia, and Lily are all Aspiring Fashionistas who were so excited for their first class today. They did a great job! Wait until you see what each of them create with their beautiful fabric choices. There’s SEW much more to come! See you… Continue reading Aspiring Fashionistas

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Gift Sewing this Year + Holiday Event!

Give the gift of learning this holiday season. Gift Certificates for classes make a great stocking stuffer! Call (856) 630-9924 for more details. Plus, now you can complete your perfect holiday outfit this year when you make your own Fleece Santa Hat here in Megan’s Sewing Box! There’s so much going on, SEW take a… Continue reading Gift Sewing this Year + Holiday Event!