Sewing Lessons!

Sewing Reunion Dance Party!

Makena and Alexis are back in Megan’s Sewing Box today! This day last year they were finishing up their Spring Break Sewing Camp Projects-how’s that for timing? We had our reunion hugs, lots of sewing, laughing, and totally random dance parties.   Oh and Sewing Selfies, can’t forget those. A normal day in Megan’s Sewing… Continue reading Sewing Reunion Dance Party!

Sewing Lessons!

Aspiring Fashionistas

We had so much fun here in Megan’s Sewing Box today! April, Bella, Cecilia, and Lily are all Aspiring Fashionistas who were so excited for their first class today. They did a great job! Wait until you see what each of them create with their beautiful fabric choices. There’s SEW much more to come! See you… Continue reading Aspiring Fashionistas

Sewing Lessons!

Sew Ready for a Pajama Party!

Lauren, Lacey, Tiana, Lilli, and Alli all finished sewing their new snuggly pajama pants this week here in Megan’s Sewing Box! Pajama Party Time! Great job girls! They’re all ready to sew a bag now. Who wouldn’t be? I can’t wait to see what fabric choices they make. Check back next week to see their… Continue reading Sew Ready for a Pajama Party!

Events · Knit and Crochet Lessons!

Ladies Knit and Crochet Night in Megan’s Sewing Box!

Save the Date! Thursday November 3rd 6:00-7:30pm will be a Ladies Knit and Crochet Night in Megan’s Sewing Box! Come learn how to Knit and Crochet or join the group with your current project and advance your skills! Register (856) 630-9924 See you there!