Sewing Lessons!

Sewing Reunion Dance Party!

Makena and Alexis are back in Megan’s Sewing Box today!

This day last year they were finishing up their Spring Break Sewing Camp Projects-how’s that for timing? We had our reunion hugs, lots of sewing, laughing, and totally random dance parties.


Makena and Alexis in Megan’s Sewing Box Studio!

Oh and Sewing Selfies, can’t forget those.

A normal day in Megan’s Sewing Box when Makena and Alexis are here!

We were getting back into the swing of things and warming up with some pretty headbands. We’ve got a few weeks of super cool projects to make, and so much fabric to showcase.

Words of motivation from Makena, she said

“Work that stitch, girl!”

I like that I think I’ll use that one…Thanks Makena!

Lots to see from these two in the next few weeks, check back here to see what they make 😉

Interested in Girls Sewing Lessons? Contact Megan’s Sewing Box today!


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