Sewing Lessons!

First Stitches!

April, Lily, Bella, and Cecilia were all so anxious today to start their first project!

First we reviewed and practiced everything from last week-very good memories here! (Which is great because you learn something new every time you sit down to sew!)

I heard the Mom’s got their own personal sewing lessons shortly after our first meeting-how cool is that?

Mini teachers right here!

April, Lily, Bella, and Cecilia

After I heard about their practice and teaching, we got right to work!

To get good results, the girls found out just how much prep work is involved in making a project.

They got tips on how to safely use an iron, and how important it is to press their fabric before sewing. Then they pinned their work in place.

All before even sitting down at the sewing machine! (And this is just a smidgen of what they’ve learned so far-can you believe it?)

Step by step they’ll be sewing their first stitches, and many more after that!

See you next week!

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