Welcome to Megan’s Sewing Box!

*COVID-19 Update 5/13/21: I have finally graduated with my degree in Early Childhood Education, and I have until June 16th full time teaching to complete my Special Education endorsement. After that, I am really looking forward to holding classes again. My tentative plans for the time being is to come to you for in-home lessons, whether you want 1:1 or a small group of your own. You will need your own machine and supplies, but I can still provide a machine for getting started if necessary. I can start scheduling for the week of June 20th. Can’t wait to hear from everyone until then!

*COVID-19 Update 1/1/21: I am so happy everyone is looking to pick up a new hobby during these challenging times. I am so unhappy, though, to say that lessons are a very close proximity, indoor activity, and I feel it is best to postpone instruction until further notice. This is in the best interest of everyone’s health. Please do contact me with inquiries for future classes, so I have your contact information. I would love to be teaching again by the Summer, but I can’t make any promises. Thank you for your understanding. I encourage you to go online, watch some how-to’s, and pursue your interests. Make mistakes, see what you are capable of, and send me your questions! I bet you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Send me your success stories, or your best expectations vs. reality! Can’t wait to see what you all are up to. Stay safe ❤

Welcome to Megan’s Sewing Box! My goal is to help you find your inner crafter, one stitch at a time! Whether it be Sewing, Knitting, or Crocheting ~ you can learn here!

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Meet Megan


I’m Megan, I’m 27, and as you probably guessed, I love to Sew! (Among all the other crafty things I like to do~I don’t have idle hands.)

I started Megan’s Sewing Box in November 2015, because I know how that “I made it myself!” feeling feels when I show off my latest creations. I want you to feel it too! Megan’s Sewing Box is all about learning. You learn something new everyday, let it be sewing!

I’m in my 5th year of business!

The girls I’ve taught to sew have inspired me to start a degree in Early Childhood Education with a Special Education Endorsement.

I’m now done my undergrad at Rowan and I just graduated May 12th. It’s yet to really sink in that I’ve reached this milestone. I will have my Special Education endorsement when I’m done the school year June 16th. 🎉

Teaching is just something I love to do.

So are you ready to get that “I made it myself!” feeling? Come on in and I’ll show you around!

Megan’s Sewing Box Studio

Megan’s Sewing Box Studio 😊
Sewing Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Early Childhood/Special Education Teacher to be!

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32 thoughts on “Welcome to Megan’s Sewing Box!

  1. Hello Megan,
    My mother wanted to give a Christmas gift to my 2 daughters last year of sewing classes. Could not find anybody in the area till you. I would like to inquire about your times and the cost.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you offer lesson for older people? I’m just starting to sew again after many years of not sewing & I could use some refresher lessons. I also have a newer sewing machine that I need to learn how to use better. It’s a baby loch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi my name is Bernadette , I have been cross stitching for 30 years and crochet blankets even though I only know one pattern.. I would love to expand my bag of tricks..


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi! I am very interested in learn how to make a quilt! I do know how to crochet some what, I am 57 but would love to learn how to make a quilt! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I want to take classes ,always interested in sewing . Now I have the time to do it .please I need info on days and rates .


  6. Hey Megan!

    I wanted to know if you still offer classes (Due to the pandemic) and the minimum pricing for the classes for a High School student!

    Thanks you!


  7. Hi Megan my name is Eve. My sister in law & mother in law would be interested in classes, knitting & crocheting possibly. I don’t do any social media, prefer email. Please send me info on the classes you hold & cost, so we can see how this will work for us?


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